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What exactly is the Lady Fit Gang?

"Lady Fit Gang is a safe place to land. No judgement, all love and support". ~ Robin, Lady Fit Gang (LFG) Member

To say this journey has been a gift is an understatement. When I started coaching 5 years ago, my only goal was to create a community of support for other women who want to improve their health. I didn't know how it would all come together, but I knew if I would just continue to spread my message of grace, the right women would be put in my care.

And they were. And they continue to be placed in my path. And they friggin' rock.

The Lady Fit Gang came together earlier this year as a place for accountability with our daily workouts and nutrition. But somehow it became more of that. A sisterhood if you will. As simple as it sounds, each day we share our workout, our nutrition, and then in turn lend a comment of support on another member's check in. The more check-ins, the more support. And each week, we open up a little more until those struggles, highs and lows are all being supported or celebrated. How amazing to have a whole gang of women who have your back each day?

So many of us try to go through the "journey to fit" on our own, and it can really suck. But finding the time to locate a network of women in person? Pshhh, ya right! Enter your Lady Fit Gang!

So how do you get in with us? Well, as your coach, I set up a time to chat with you about your goals and struggles, so I can really understand more about you, your schedule and your lifestyle. From there, I get you set up on a fitness + nutrition plan that meets you RIGHT where you are in your journey. I strongly believe health starts in the home, so our systems are all home-based to encourage accessibility and consistency.

Once you have your tools in hand, I will add you to our virtual LFG community, where you are welcomed with open arms and supported daily. While I continue to stay in touch offline, this community is the x-factor to your journey. And it is will rock your world if you let it!

I can't wait to get started with you!

Yours in Health,

Coach Devon

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